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Firework Safety

To A-Rocket Fireworks, safety is just as important as having fun on the Fourth of July.  Please check out our fireworks safety tips below.  For more safety fun, please check out the tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety:





1. ALWAYS read the caution label carefully before lighting fireworks.


2. ALWAYS have water handy at all times.


3. ALWAYS ask an adult for permission.


4. ALWAYS make sure the firework is stable on the ground.


5. ALWAYS stand back away from the firework.




1. NEVER point fireworks at other living things.


2. NEVER light fireworks while intoxicated.


3. NEVER put your head or any other body part over the firework.


4. NEVER hold a firework in your hand.


5. NEVER tamper with the insides of the firework.



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